Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Change DNS Server

DNS means Domain Name System. This  server superintends communication within a computer and the Internet. This DNS server delimit how a computer accesses a domain name. Each computer coheres with a default DNS server based on their geographical territory. Some Isolate install open DNS servers, which are regulable by other-party companies. Off and on, such individuals may wish to deflect their settings back to a non-open DNS server.
Step: 1 Twofold-click the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop, or cull the 'Start' menu  and click 'My Computer'. Click Dialup Networking." Then A window will shell that displays all of your existing dial-up connections. Choose the dial up connection you typically use and rightwards click it. In the pop up menu that be manifest, click "Properties." A window listing your connection options will show on the screen.

Step: 2 Just Click the tab that reads 'Server Emblem.' Press 'TCP/IP Settings.' Click the radio switch next to "get an IP address automatically." Your computer will halt using any open DNS servers that you have gathered and will automatically start using the default, geographical territory based dns server ascribed to it by your Internet service provider.

Step: 3 Then Click the Start menu, choose Control Panel  "Windows Vista"Click “Network and Internet”, then “Network and participating Center”, and open 'operate network connections'. (Windows XP) obtain the Network Connections icon and the open it -If you do not view ikons and in the larboard hand, head part of the window there is an Option to 'Switch to Classic View', switch to Classic View first.

Step: 4  Now you will require to the open the 'Properties' dialog for your prime Internet connection. In this paradigm, it is a wireless network. On your system, this may be a DSL connection, a dial-up connection,  a Cable connection, or something like that. Right click on the icon to summon the menu, and click the 'Properties' option.

Step: 5 Subsequently, in the 'Connection Properties' dialog that present, you will requirement to wring down and highlight the 'Internet draft (TCP/IP)' -do not click on the 'control box as this will incapacitate this protocol. Once the Protocol is highlighted, click on the 'Properties' switch. This will then open a dialog for the 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties'.

Step: 6 Supposing the 'acquire DNS Server automatically'canto is in use, you will need to alter it to 'Use the inconsequence of DNS server addresses” and then click on the 'Advanced' switch. Supposing there are in the meanwhile addresses in the 'Preferred DNS server' and 'Alternate DNS server' sector, merely click on the 'Advanced' button. Thrust in here two or exceeding Open NIC DNS servers.
Done! Then Click the 'OK' buttons till all the dialogs are confined. You also may be requested to reboot -- if so, till you reboot your DNS may not work as hoped.


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  2. But one thing wanna know. You show here in a computer. but How I can change the domain name server from my domain control panel. If you post an article on it I will be glad.